Introducing Stratus, the world‘s expansive social ecosystem project.

Stratus combines the services of all currently existing platforms to give better services. Among the services set to be replaced by Stratus are Facebook, Twitter, telegram, TikTok, Paypal, Youtube, eBay, Amazon, e.t.c.

Stratus comes with a wide range of benefits not present in the social media space. Here are reasons why Stratus will revolutionize the internet.

 1. Censorship -

Have you ever had a post removed as soon as you hit the post button? So have we.

Social media censorship has reached unprecedented proportions, shaping elections, affecting millions of people and ultimately threatening freedom globally.

Stratus was birthed out of the belief that free speech is a sacred right and that a free, unrestricted flow of ideas is crucial for a healthy society.

Instead of working to censor its users, as other platforms do, Stratus employees are tasked with protecting user’s posts and content. Facilitating a safe, censor-free environment.

 2. Data

Stratus believes that one of the biggest threats from big tech platforms is the collection, tracking and sale of user data and personal information.

Did you know that when you access most social networks and search engines that much, if not all, of your browsing history and personal information is collected, tracked, distributed and sold? As you are tracked, this same information is then used to manipulate you on almost every other platform you visit, through suggestions, ads and everything in between.

Maybe you have talked to someone in person about a product you want to buy, with your phone in your pocket, only to have ads for that product show up the next time you jump on social media. You’re not alone!

Stratus believes that the only person that has the right to sell your data is you. Not only will Stratus never misuse or sell user data, the data we do hold is never distributed and is always encrypted with military grade encryption.

 3. Credit card fraud and data leaks

Every store, social platform, website and internet entity you use is a liability to your personal data. When you have many accounts it opens up data, such as your social security number and credit cards to more risk of exposure. With recent hacks on large corporations like Experian it’s easy to see the need to consolidate internet activity.

Stratus was developed precisely with this in mind. The blueprint for Stratus was designed to give its users the functionality of the most used platforms on the internet in a single safe, secure ecosystem allowing for an internet of services with one account and one wallet.

As part of this goal, Stratus will be adding much of the functionality of mainstream platforms.

Some of these functionalities include those on:

Tik Tok
Amazon (Multi-Vender)
Linked In
Google Search Engine
And many more

 4. Anonymous threats

The internet can be a dangerous place. For some, social media has become a vicious place as users are given more and more anonymity.

Stratus has taken notice of this and designed its system with the goal of providing a peaceful, safe and clean environment.
One of the ways Stratus has done this is through unrestricted profile verification on many of its platforms. The prestigious blue check mark is not for the super famous anymore. Anyone can now apply for identity verification, which will publicly validate their true identity. This allows users to easily differentiate legitimate users from trolls, catfish and possible threats.

In summary, Stratus was built with the determination to solve the internet’s biggest problems, providing simplicity, security, freedom and convenience in a one ecosystem.

Take Part in Stratus, Take Part in History.