Cryptocurrency is the next Gold Rush. It is going to happen with or without you.
Have you ever heard of Bitcoin? In 2009 you could of bought one Bitcoin for 8 cent. Today, October 12, 2017, here is what it's going to cost to buy one coin.

If you know nothing about cryptocurrency but would like to get started, here is your chance to get going with a bang!
Introducing a cryptocurrency called X12. First movers who take action can get 84 coins for 100 Euro or $117 USD.
On Sunday October 8th, X12 was selling for 13.07 Euro on

If one X12 coin is currently worth 13+ Euro, that would mean 84 would be worth 1,092 Euro or $1,277.64! What will they be worth in 6 months? 2 years?

I know what you're thinking, "Nice. I don't know a thing about mining!"
Perfect! That's the beauty of this program. You don't have to know anything about mining to participate!

Thanks to Xpro, all you do is purchase a mining contract and
watch your coins grow in your account.


So...what exactly is X12?
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Question: Do I have to download any software or buy expensive equipment to mine X12?
Answer: Absolutely not. Xpro has all the equipment in an undisclosed location and they do all the work. All you do is purchase a contract and watch your coins grow every week.
Question: Where are my coins kept?
Answer: You can go to and down load a wallet for Windows or Mac. There will be wallets for Android and iOS in a couple weeks. 
Question: Will the coins be automatically transferred to the X12 wallet?
Answer: Yes. The process will be that the coins will be automatically transferred every Wednesday if there is a valid X12 wallet ID in your Xpro profile.
Question: What is CoinTed?
Answer: CoinTed is an Austrian Exchange where you can view the price of X12 along with other Altcoins. Next year more exchanges will be trading the coin. Right now Cointed is the only one. Mostly to have some sort of control and not to let the coin explode too fast. Best is gradual growth. 
Question: How much is X12 worth?
Answer: The price is fluctuating based on the number of people trying to buy it. Below you see examples of the prices in the last two weeks. (today's date: 10/11/17)
Question: How many coins will you mine per contract?
Answer: The number of coins will reduce in the weeks/months ahead due to other miner starting to mine the coins. Fortunately for you, we are at the beginning and there is no better time to start mining to get the most coins.
Question: Why isn't X12 coin shown on CoinMarketCap?
Answer: CoinMarketCap is not an official authority and anyone can have their coin added to their site if they are prepared to pay. Its not unusual for new Cryptocurrencies to not show up on CMC.
Question: As people cannot buy X12 coins directly from CoinTed exchange. What is causing the coin to increase in Valve/Who is buying it?
Answer: There is a very limited supply due to the mining only recently starting. Every buy request influences the price on CoinTed.
Question: Where will X12 coin be accepted?
Answer: ATM's will be installed within weeks where X12 coin holders can cash the coins. Later, within 6 months at least 1000 merchants will be implemented to be accepting coin. There will be many retailers who will accept the coin over the coming months. The first one is a hotel in a popular Austrian Ski Resort and others will follow. Soon members can cash out their coins using Debit Card and Bitcoin.
Question: How can I contact Xpro support?
Answer: In your Xpro back office at the very top right of the page click on "contact".
Question: How can I buy/pay for the Xpro Mining Contracts?
Answer: Xpro is associated with LIKESXL. As a member of LIKESXL, you can purchase Xpro Packs using Credit Cards, Bank Wire or Bitcoin. After signing up for LIKESXL, just click on any Xpro banner or link.
Question: Can you give me more information on X12 coin?
Answer: X12 is based on the technology of Monero and CryptoNote but better, I dont expect everyone to understand all this but its really good info and gives an understanding of the potential of X12. are some 75 cent words for a 50 cent conversation.

Monero Technology Monero [XMR] is a brand new uprising cryptocurrency which originates from Bitmonero. Being the fork of Bytecoin, Monero (XMR) is an anonymous and decentralized cryptocurrency with CryptoNight (64-bit CPU-only) PoW hash algorithm and based on CryptoNote protocol. Monero uses a different elliptic curve than Bitcoin for signing (EdDSA, which uses Schnorr signatures on a Twisted Edwards curve, One time use addresses (“stealth addressing”) is mandatory for all transactions. This makes light clients very difficult to secure or create in general, but it dramatically enhances privacy because it’s impossible to ever reuse an address. All transactions are denominated in base 10, and fractionated by mantissa, Unlike Bitcoin, Monero will have long term perpetual inflation. Subsidy will become fixed in about 10 years time at a flat rate of less than 1%, to keep the chain from becoming fully deflationary and to better incentivize miners. This makes it more likely to be useful as a currency than Bitcoin, X12 Coin all the above and more, X12 is more than just a technology.

For us it is above all important for what this technology stands for. The main basic principles are as follows:

"SAFETY" People must be able to trust X12 with their transactions without being exposed to the risk of a hacker attack or error. In the X12 network, a miner gets all the stolen coins. Miners are the most important participants in this ecosystem. That's why no coins are automatically sent to the developers. The transactions are encrypted with the latest and most modern encryption technology.

"PRIVACY" X12 takes privacy very seriously and protects its users from monitoring and unfair punishment. X12 is active worldwide and thus an important pillar for the freedom of the individual before monitoring. This level of privacy is available to all users alike. Both for programmers and for people who do not know how X12 works. It is important to us that X12 is not only a tool for software developers, but also benefits the broad masses.

"DECENTRALIZATION" X12 is not controlled by a central instance, thus ensuring maximum decentralization. If you use X12, you do not have to trust a central place. They know that the network is managed with this technology itself. The so-called "proof of work" algorithm ensures this. Many miners work together to ensure that the network remains secure. You can even mute on normal computers and laptops X12 to contribute to this decentralization and get coins for it.
Option 1
Click on LikesXL to purchase Xpro Mining contracts with Credit Card, Bitcoin or Bank Wire.

Option 2
Here is the direct link to XPRO web site. Currently you can only purchase with bank wire. 

Al Fanucchi Jr
Founder of
Independent Xpro Miner
Honolulu, Hawaii