On June 10, 2017, one bitcoin broke the $2900.00 mark. It is predicted one bitcoin will be worth around $10,000 in 2018....maybe more.

What is Bitcoin?

If you have been off world and just got back, been in a coma or just for some unknown reason never heard of Bitcoin, then lets get you up to speed by watching the below video.

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This Video Shows How it Works:

QUESTION: What is Trade Coin Club?

ANSWER: Trade Coin Club is an offshore registered company offering an automated trading platform for major cryptos. Management is international and highly qualified.

TCC trades in cryptos with licensed software that performs many millions of trades per day in ten of the major cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Dash, BTC, etc. TCC itself works entirely with Bitcoins.

TCC is the most professionally and wisely designed company you are likely to find online, and translates to profitability and longevity.  Some may not like the structure of fees - which is a part of the business plan -  and which may sometimes annoy some, but they are part and parcel of TCC's very strong profitability which creates our common longevity.  Long is Strong!  Longevity can create strong legacy incomes that change lives and whole family's lives. 

QUESTION: What if I know nothing about trading?

ANSWER: You don't need to know a thing about trading, activate your account on Sunday, and the software does all the work. You can compound your earnings daily, at the end of the week or withdraw. It is totally up to you.

QUESTION: How much does it cost to get started?

ANSWER: You can get started with as little as 0.06 BTC. ( 0.01 + 0.05 admin fee)

The option is being offered as a reward for a new 10 BTC deposit for a limited time, until 1000 new positions are taken.

Founding Members' Bonus:  Each will each receive a special bonus quarterly, every 90 days, the first to be paid around late August - 90 days after our full launch.  1500 Founders will be paid out of a special company pool consisting of 2% of TCC net earnings.  As TCC is very powerfully structured to keep the company financially sound and profitable, and is already manifestly quite rich, the bonus should be generous and offer a very nice return on its cost.

What's more, the added funds in your account will contribute to much better earnings, and those can be compounded too, of course, thereby making for a much faster and dramatic increase in TCC passive earnings. It's a serious winner!

QUESTION: Can I earn without sponsoring?

ANSWER: TCC is uniquely well positioned in a high-demand global niche. It is super-attractive for builders and leaders as well as for those who simply want to remain passive and leverage their Bitcoins into ever larger numbers.

Recent member reports indicate profits of around 20% monthly - in dynamic rising Bitcoins! Set it and let it run. Referring is totally optional.

Members who refer receive 10% on both levels one and two, and lesser amounts down to as many as 8 levels. Plus referrers can earn 8 to 10% daily from a binary structure. And there are MORE referral bonuses. It's rich, but it is also very smart.

TCC has paid out over 31,000 BTC in commissions in its first 5 months!

Ride the BTC Rise: We are working 100% in Bitcoin, so as BTC rises we enjoy the full benefits of its rise - to who knows what heights! This is in contrast to some online options that actually work in dollars and only use BTC for pay-in's and out's. In these as BTC rises your dollar based payout in BTC falls.

QUESTION: Where can I get more information?

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QUESTION: What should I do first?

ANSWER: Step 1. Crypto-Currency is digital so you will need a place to store your coins. Without a Bitcoin wallet, you can’t send or receive Bitcoin payments. We use Bitcoin Wallets to keep our funds stored and secure. There are many providers online and there are also portable off-line options as well. Here are a few quality options that you can choose from.

CoinBase (Some U.S states are no longer supported. Check the terms and conditions.)
BlockChain (One of most popular with easy sign up. Get text messages every time your account receives bitcoin.)
Exodus (Available in several different languages available.)
AdvCash (Another popular one.)

Step 2. Click here to set up your Trade Coin Club account.

Step 3. Add bitcoin to your wallet. Here are the top 40+ sites to buy bitcoin & Cryptocurrency.
Click Here

Its been a while since I've been this excited about a program. I am very pleased with the results I've received since joining in early February. Because of the "stop loss", I've earned every single trading day since day one. By compounding my earnings, I increases my daily earnings. I tried Gladiacoin and EcoinPlus and got burnt. No more bitcoin doublers for me. I highly recommend TCC....I think you'll be pleased. If you are good at promoting, you will be handsomely rewarded. For those who don't want to mess with referring, you can sit back and start growing your Bitcoin today. Activate your account on Sunday and you're good for the week. The software does the work and you can compound at your leisure. Easy, Simple, Rewarding. For those who like to do their own trading, that option has just been added.

~ Testimonial ~
I've been doing networking online for a LOT of years and I've sometimes done well, but nothing else I've ever done even comes close to what I have made in TCC a personal record. And. Its completely withdrawable when earned. No lock-in, no waiting. C. Jack

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